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How do women feel after travelling solo?

Many women among you who are reading this might be contemplating - is travelling alone safe, is it worth the hype, is travelling with strangers really necessary? For every woman like you, we asked a few women who have been there, done that. To make it interesting for you, we decided to write a letter. If all those women were to write a letter to themselves after having travelled alone, it would read something like this. We hope you take the leap of faith, go for a solo trip and write such a letter to yourself soon!

“From the time you were a kid, you were always told what to do and specifically, what not to do. The image of the girl you were supposed to be always existed. You just had to mould yourself and be a carbon copy of the image. That girl was taught how cruel the world is, how she is no one without someone else, and how having an identity of her own is a remote possibility.

I’m proud of you for going on that solo trip and liberating yourself from all those stereotypes. You grew up scared of this world, but then you saw it wasn’t so bad after all! Most importantly, you realised the fact that you could be okay on your own.

Of course, it got scary sometimes. But you managed it well. You made the right decisions about travel and stayed alert when needed. I’m specifically happy that you consciously tried to suppress the voices of the people who had warned you and instilled unnecessary fear in your head. They are not wrong, just concerned. But you took that leap of faith, trusted your instinct, and gave the people you met a chance to prove those voices wrong. It wasn’t easy, but you did it. And what happened? You met so many kind people on your way and received help from the most unexpected places! Clearly, it wasn’t as terrifying as the world drills it into your head. Kudos to you for making the right decisions and learning from your mistakes.

Actually, the whole trip was a series of decisions that you had to make on your own. You were the sole person responsible for their consequences- the good, the bad, and everything in between! Such an empowering feeling! No wonder you seem to have regained that lost confidence!

Also, remember how unsure you were about talking to strangers? You had zero confidence to strike up a conversation with someone you just met. And look at you now! You’re back home with a set of new connections and friendships you never thought you could make on this trip! I know being an introvert, this did not come to you easily and it was difficult initially. But as days passed by, you mustered up the courage to make new friends and even shamelessly asked for help when you became more comfortable. So unlike you!

That’s the thing, right? You thought you knew so much about yourself and this trip changed everything. A few days in an unknown place with unknown people and you felt liberated. You could be yourself after ages! And this gave you time to understand yourself better. In this chaotic life, you found some quiet moments for yourself, where you didn’t have to be anyone else. Even the thought of it is so freeing! Now you know what you want, why you want it, and how will you get it. Well done, you!

But you know what’s the best thing that happened after the trip? You fell in love with yourself again. Let that be the case always. And when it isn’t, pack that bag and make sure you go for yet another trip!”

Phew, heartwarming, isn’t it? We had the exact feeling after reading what our respondents shared with us. One common question we asked them all is, whether they would recommend it to other women. You know the answer already. A big fat yes! In a nutshell, this is what they had to say -

Every woman needs to experience it at least once in their lifetime. Don’t let your gender hold you back from exploring this big beautiful world. It has a space for all. Have the time of your life finding it!

Well, if solo trips intimidate you, don’t worry. A solo trip doesn't mean you necessarily have to travel alone. Going with a group of strangers counts too! So come with us, explore with fellow women, and have a gala time reconnecting with yourself!

Yes, you might come with a set of fears, but you'll go back knowing beautiful people and making more beautiful memories. That's our promise!

So next time we ask women about solo trips, we hope to come across your answers too. :)

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