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How is Christmas Celebrated in India?

As you all know, Christmas is the opening doors to new beginnings. As a multi-cultural land, India celebrated every occasion with the same infectious energy. Christmas is rather special. It teaches you that all well that ends well.


Growing up we all believed in Santa Clause. We believed in the stories and sang the carols,

‘ Jingle bells Jingle bells, Jingle all the way………………………hey come back and read this!

Christmas is such a joyous time in the world. As a traveler, if you wish to witness Christmas but lack the resource and time to go abroad, no worries. We bring to you 5 places in India that celebrates Christmas in an amazing way.

  1. Goa

No one regrets Goa. Home to many Christians, Goa is decked up like a bride. The streets are lit up and the vibe of the city is super sweet. The carols ringing until the wee hours of mornings to the main beaches becoming party dens. The Churches depict the actual feel of mid night mass. Goa will never go wrong with Christmas.

  1. Pondicherry

With the French style streets and the wonderfully built churches will definitely give you an ideal Christmas feel. With the flawless glances of street décor, melodious songs and French texture will make Pondicherry a perfect place to ring in the festival.

  1. Bombay

Bombay is home to various cultures and festivals. Bombay has its own unique style to celebrating every occasion. Right from hill road to Mahim church, you will see a different side of Bombay. Apart from the parties that ring through the night and the vibe of the city screaming – Celebration. Witness Christmas like no where else.

  1. Manali

The combination of Snow and Christmas is simply the best. The pine trees enhancing the beauty of the place wrapped with Snow and Christmas lights adds to the beauty of Manali. With the temperature going lower and lower and your enthusiasm going higher and higher, Manali is your balancing act.

  1. Northeast

Northeast celebrates Christmas just like its uniqueness. With the streets being decked up from head to toe. Community meals being served in every corner of the street and people being simply the sweetest, celebrating with the strangers, Northeast will make your Christmas, a blockbuster one.

So, go domestic this time to celebrate Christmas!

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