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How travel is a Valentine for everyone

Most of us know that Valentine’s is a day to celebrate love with our soulmates, but somewhere deeper, our soul is playing different chords of love, the love of travel! Believe it or not, but the world is full of wonderland. We always hold on that wish to travel the whole world either with your partner, with your girl-gang or a solo trip, but the material world keeps us busy and makes us forget our wishes.

It’s about the choices you make If you’ve decided to settle with your partner, you get too busy doing the post-marriage routine, but listening to your heart and go out in the wanderlust is a brave decision one can take. We aren’t saying to give up everything and travel. Travelling isn’t about giving up on responsibilities and wandering, it is about consuming new thoughts, understanding life & relationships and moreover, loving yourself, after all, you are your own valentine that needs to be cherished. If you worry too much about society, then you are letting yourself down, letting that ‘womaniya spirit’ down. A true ‘flapper’ is one who makes a stability between her dreams and love.

We, women, are conditioned to believe that love is the ultimate goal, but we tend to forget that there are other goals to be achieved, new places to be discovered, new cities to explore and ocean to sail. The mission is not to find love, but to know yourself better by taking a different path and love will join you on the midway if it is destined. Whenever you see a breath-taking scenic beauty you become silent, that quietness wants to speak to you, to your heart, it says how beautiful life beyond our society exists! This feeling, those inner words are the valentine we all should celebrate. Sometimes, the location won’t impress us but the experiences of the journey are always memorable. The time you spend between your location and destination is what matters to your life of travel.

Don’t get us wrong

Our Valentine love or spouse is beautiful, they fulfil our emotional and psychological needs and desires.  But somewhere deeper within, we need to light that soul-filling fire and guess what? travel is that light which will keep the flame alight. After all, discovering something that makes the flame blazing is what you should celebrate.

If you feel travel is your valentine as well, you are free to share your story with us.

Reach us at @theflapperlife on 9892229782

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