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Incredible photo editing and planning app for perfect travel pictures.

If there’s one thing about travel, it’s that we absolutely love to share our experiences with our friends and family. Even better, your phone is one of your best travel companions to capture, edit, and play around with your memories. This post covers everything from editing photos on your mobile phone to sharing them on social media, and finally, scheduling them out for those times that wifi is unreliable. All the applications are available on both Android and IOS.


Adobe Lightroom CC is one of the most powerful mobile editing tools out there for professional photographers. With the ease of use from desktop to mobile versions, you can download your own presets on both devices and get the same editing results wherever you go. Along with custom preset creation, Adobe Lightroom CC has several advanced photo editing tools like tweaking tone curves, gradient, and effects to make a photo exactly how you want. Although its features and tools are on the pro-end side, it is relatively easy to figure out, and there are many downloadable mobile presets to take your travel photography to the next level. Best of all…for free!

And If you’re more comfortable editing on your laptop than on your mobile phone, it’s super easy to transfer the image to your phone and share it on your social media platforms. By signing in to the same cloud account on both your laptop and your phone, you can easily transfer images through the app.


This app is best known for its preset filters, a similar concept to the filters on Instagram, but much more varied and easier to manipulate. The extensive range of free and not-so-free filters for VSCO has been created to help photographers easily discern their personal style. VSCO is often used in conjunction with Snapseed to get the best end result on an image.

Not only is VSCO one of the best photo editing apps, but it is also a photo-sharing app. Similar to Instagram, enthusiasts can edit photos and post them on your VSCO profile. This allows you to create personal albums with specific themes.


Those wanting to quickly adjust or add a filter, upload a photo or take one with Afterlight’s camera. Then, choose from several editing tools ranging from basic to advanced, or select one of the 10 free filter options. For those who want to add stickers or text, the artwork tab has a variety of options. The app is connected to Twitter and Instagram, allowing you to share your newly edited photos directly from Afterlight to other social media feeds.You’ll need a paid subscription to access some of the coolest fusion filters like double exposure or dust, as well as the 130 pre-set filter library.


There is a reason this app is on top of our list of best photo editing apps. This handy editing app has become the go-to for photographers looking to adjust the basics of a photo like cropping, colouring, sharpness and distortions. The app can seem confusing at first but is an easy, effective and very powerful editing tool. It allows you to take full control over the editing of your photos and, except for the basic tools, Snapseed supports a wide variety of more advanced options such as double exposure, curve control and filter adjustments.Using swipe gestures, you can manually or automatically enhance your photos in several ways, and this is also useful to adjust the dimension and rotation if your horizon is not as straight as it should be.


This app is not an editing app but rather an application to plan and manage your content. This app allows you to manage your time for minimal planning and more time for other productive activities.There are options to auto-post to Instagram, reminder notifications to post, and tools to draft up several pieces of Instagram content all in one app! Easily create and customize content for all of your social channels from our selection of designer templates with our newest design app.

It is FREE for 30 day periods, monthly plan for extended use.

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