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Island hopping in Andaman you should not miss!

Andaman, a place where heaven hovers in the bluish-green waves. An island that makes solace and adventure come together as one. Andaman Island is a water baby’s paradise. If you love the water and being in one too, Andaman should be on the top of your bucket list. According to The Flapper Life, Andaman really helps you let your guard down and the Island hoping that we include, stand true.


Here is a list of Islands in Andaman, one must visit. 

1- Havelock Island

Love to dive? Sucker for a beach view and snap? This is your place. Havelock island carries a reputation of being a travelers’ affair with beaches real well. The best of the best scuba diving and snorkeling experience. Jungle treks are another highlight of havelocks. So lock your eyes on havelock. 

2- Neil Island

No one regretted watching a beautiful sunset. Searching for the quiet within and outside? Neil Island is your calling. The beautiful coral reefs and crystal clear water stands class apart. No Planes flies to this island, so ferry or jetty is the only option and one of the best options at it. Neil Neil Amber pe for sure!

3- Ross Island

Also known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island, this Island is known for its historical backgrounds and British colony feels. The panoramic view allows you to be consumed in its cool breeze and surroundings. This Island is home to large peacocks, deer, and ducks. So like Ross Gellar- If you’re on a break, this Island is your abode. 

4- Baratang Island


The underrated and unexplored gem of Andaman, this island has many beautiful natural wonders namely limestone caves and mud volcanoes. It also has a dense mangrove forest. It is a popular one-day destination for a quick detour. 

Which Island do you want to visit first?

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