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Jet lagged for life?


For travel enthusiast, conclusion of their trips means an array of emotions. Some feel sad to again go back to the routine, some feel happy that they had a good break and for some, it is a mixed bag. Deep down the biggest after math of the trip ending is facing JET LAG.  For those who is reading this half way through blinking, wake up. The biggest wake up call is getting jet lagged in your routine life.

Taking a leave against your bosses will, and later trying to stay awake at his death stare at work is one of the many ways to curb jet lag. Getting home, post a long holiday and only sleeping is a sure shot way to piss your family especially when you forgot to get them something from there.

Worse, when you really want to finish the pending work, your deadline ticking and yawn you go, thinking of the beauty sleep you want to catch up on, well, the HR just mailed you * Sona Mana Hai*

Well, you are not the only one facing jet lag, so breath. The Flapper Life has the best solution as your wake-up call. Food. Yes, Food. No one can go wrong with Food.  We list down 5 food options that will instantly help you with your Jet Lag woes.


Cartoon Lemon




Doctor ginger character cartoon style





So, the next time you dread your Jet lag, follow any one of these post travel remedies and say bye-bye to your jet lag and feel awesome!

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