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Know everything about Jibhi in Himachal Pradesh

The old rustic charm of Himachal engulfs everyone. Be it Parvati Valley, Thirthan Valley or the famous Shimla and Manali. Himachal Pradesh works it charm always and on everyone.

With its adventure, nature trails, spiritual and religious hold, there is nothing that this place cannot capture for us. Himchal Pradesh is known to cater travellers of all ages and background. A trekkers paradise, post-retirement heaven or even a midlife crisis therapeutic den, no one goes back from Himchal, the same way they came.

Of the very many places, that hold quote, one of the hidden yet upcoming soothing destination of Jibhi, in the lap of Himchal Pradesh, is the one to look out for.

The Flapper Life picks out 7 aspects and wonders of Jibhi that will make you want to know more, by visiting the place itself.

1. Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass is an arresting place where you can get bewitched by nature. You can hear the soft whispers of nature and the sound of the breeze that flows in the place. It is a must-visit place as the peace brought by to the pine trees and the beautiful shapes of rocky hills is mesmerizing. You will encounter amazing plant life and wildlife while passing by the greenery around you.

The feeling of unwinding, tranquillity and devoid from the routine world is the primary reason to travel here.

A trip between November to March needs proper woollen clothes as that is wintertime in this region.

2. Jibhi Waterfall

The Jibhi Waterfalls is overspread inside the woods that can’t be seen until you are well inside the thick timberland. The fall of water streams like soothing tune makes the entire spot divine.

You can sit close to the waterfall, which is rare in itself and feel hypnotized in the language of nature and its waterfall. To see the washing over of the stones with water roaring down into the ground is like following the rhythm of the water.

3. Raghupur Fort

Raghupur Fort is a famous spot which was built by Mandi rulers, to shield themselves from the enemy intrusion. At present, only the external part of the dividers is left to watch which is ought to remind you of the olden days. A hike of 3 km from Jalori Pass, the route gets more extreme during the last kilometre.

In the way, you will come across lavish green oaks with an extraordinary Himalayan mountain in the background. Inside the premises of the fortress, is a little lake.

Raghupur Fort has key viewpoints on the Seraj Valley. Jalori Pass and close by towns are known for woodwork. The fort is mainly made of stone The historical backdrop of this spot has been lost in the chronicles of time. It is a must-visit historical fort.

4. Trout fishing.

The crystal-clear waters of Tirthan stream flowing down the valley are too inviting to stay away. If you happen to visit Jibhi anytime, do try your hand at angling. The waters are known for the rainbow trout and brown trout.

Rainbow trout are in abundance, but you still need a fair amount of patience and a good angler with you to land at a trout. You would also need a license for fly-fishing, which you can obtain at INR 100 per day from local authorities.

5. Temple hop

A short round around Jibhi takes you to the Sheshnag temple, which is situated in the middle of picturesque pastureland. Sheshnaag is a presiding deity of Banjar, besides Shringa Rishi. Both the temples find their respective devotee following in abundance. The temple is more than 500 years old. The wooden architecture is ancient, yet the actual year of the temple is still undefined.

6. Chehni Kothi

This tower of Chehni Kothi is made up of stone and wood. The name Kothi is derived from the village named Chehni village. It is situated in the Jibhi valley just a few kilometres from the Tirthan valley. One has to walk through the area as there are no concrete roads in this area. . It almost takes an hour to reach the destination.

Which wonder are you wanting to see first?

Image Courtesy: Google Images.

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