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Ladakh in Photographs

If we have to describe the Ladakh vacation in a word, it would be “mesmerizing”. A year back, we started looking for the ideal location for our mountain vacation in India and we agreed that it had to be – Ladakh! Our mountain escape!

The mountains and rivers in Ladakh are something more than royal, they are majestic. The snow peaked mountains would always be there to light up and to welcome your day. The rivers would glow and the beauty of ladakh around you would make you struggle to find the accurate words to describe the experience. It was divine.

Let’s show you some photographs to give you a feel of the place:


Pangong Lake – Meditate or simply jump into the lake – both experiences will mesmerize your soul!


Playing football with monks – one of the most cherished memories of the Ladakh trip. These red robed little ones are giants when it comes to football!


bridge crossing – one of the most thrilling experiences you can have amidst this superb landscape.


Nubra Valley – Where you could watch the glorious Himalayas from the backs of the double-humped camels.

Two Nuns Laughing

Laughter indeed is the best medicine – such small moments of bliss define our entire lives.


Picturesque views like this – once you’ve had this view, you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the whole wide world!


Beautiful starry nights – Imagine yourself lying down and looking at this sky. Counting the number of shooting stars would turn your night into the best night of your entire journey!

Inspired? Join us for a superb journey to the mountains! Call us at 9892229782 for further details. 🙂

Curated by: Krishna Thorat

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