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Ladakh’s, Six- Vegan cafes that must be on your list even if you are not vegan.!

Ladakh located in the northernmost parts of the country. Lapped in the snow-covered fringes of the Himalayas, Leh India has been the center of Tibeto-Buddhist culture for ages. Its colorful gompas have attracted devout Buddhists from all over the globe. Besides, the Leh Ladakh tour is well-known for its cuisine. In the land of found meat-eaters, Vegans might get lost. We have got your back and look at some of the best-selected food joints for you to try out those even non-vegetarians wouldn’t resist.

Bodhi Greens – One of the most famous cafes among vegans in Ladakh offers an amazing rooftop sitting area with a breathtaking view of snow-capped mountains, known for its chill vibe and friendly staff. The cuisine ranges consist of Vegan, Indian, International, Organic, Raw, Salad bar, Juice bar, Asian, Bakery, European, Fusion, Gluten-free food items. And is devoted to cruelty-free cuisine and lifestyle.

Kaya Cafe & Guesthouse - A garden Cafe that specializes in bistro-style cuisine that is prepared through insightful combinations of local products and crafted with a contemporary flair. The kitchen garden supplies most of their veggies and the in-house bakery produces a variety of loaves of bread, cakes, and savories that creatively include the local staples and various grains. A chef-driven restaurant that serves an eclectic menu of healthy, natural, vegan, and amazingly tasty food. Located in the village of Stok, near the main attractions of Stok Palace and the Golden Buddha statue.

Metta cafe – would surprise you with is its gorgeous and cozy ambiance. The lovely and homely cafe offers distinct and delightful food dishes that will be a treat to your taste buds. The marvelous food presentation, a stash of books, a taste of the culinary delights, and lovely decor are the highlights of this eatery. They brew specialty coffee on Lamarzocco & other pieces of equipment, serve delicious healthy food with local ingredients, vegan options for food & coffee; with all of it happiness is the default. They try to implement sustainability in everything they deal with.

Chinese Bowl- A small vegetarian restaurant run by a Sikkimese family. Offers a typical Indo-Chinese menu plus Tibetan dishes, several thalis set meals, as well fresh juices and other foods, but also a few special dishes you won't find at most of those places. Many vegan options to devour yourself in, make sure to try out their momos and fresh juices.

Vegan Organic Kitchen – this restaurant offers vegan as well Lacto-vegetarian cuisine, with global influences. Vegan items are plenty in options including selections of unusual momos that are worth trying. The restaurant is vibrant, cozy, and perfect to spend few hours in.

Lehvenda Cafe – This Café has everything that you look for in a café: a great ambiance, good music, mouth-watering food and coffee, and nice sitting space. It has a blend of traditional and modern ambiance and is a great place to hang out for hours. Lehvenda Café offers a great view of the Leh market from the top. They serve amazing Vegan Coffee, best after a walk in the harsh climate of Ladakh.

A plus point of all these cafes is that they are super instagrammable and a vegan paradise that could even convert anyone into veganism. Also, do not forget to check out the Vegetarian guide to Kashmir as well.

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