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Must have Flapper experiences in Bhutan!

Nestled in the eastern end of Himalayas, humbly flaunting its Dzongs and landscape, Bhutan is a prime destination in every traveler’s wishlist. Visiting Bhutan is like touching something rare; and it is so because of the isolation in which its beauty lies. Here are 6 experiences we had in Bhutan:

  1. When in Bhutan, be an archer:



3. Local sightseeing:

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For lazing around and taking a glimpse of the touristy – side of Bhutan, Thimpu, has a lot to offer. Changangkha Lakhang (the oldest temple in Bhutan) lies in central Thimpu, like a holy symphony, bustling with pilgrim activities. Although we suggest you to shop from the (lesser-visited but cheaper) Paro bazaar, Thimpu bazaar sells Buddhist paintings, traditional Bhutanese clothes – kira and gho, souvenirs, yak horns, solid perfumes, stone paintings etc.

4. The drive through Dochula Pass:


5. Tiger’s nest monastery:


6. River rafting:


This hidden land of steep roads and deep valleys can be experienced best when visited at leisure. The rivers, the mountains, the culture and the people, do call in for a deeper immersion. Why not add some happiness to your Personal Happiness Index too by visiting Bhutan?

– Written by Ayushi Limbachiya


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