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Must have Flapper experiences in Bhutan!

Nestled in the eastern end of Himalayas, humbly flaunting its Dzongs and landscape, Bhutan is a prime destination in every traveler’s wishlist. Visiting Bhutan is like touching something rare; and it is so because of the isolation in which its beauty lies. Here are 6 experiences we had in Bhutan:

  1. When in Bhutan, be an archer:

If you went to Bhutan and did not take archery lessons, you missed out on one of the best experiences Bhutan has to offer. Archery, their national sport, is ingrained in their culture and individual consciousness like happiness is, in their Gross National Happiness index. Taking the archery lesson, (drawing the bowstring back, holding and aiming at the target and releasing it), against the background of rolling hills and the river, was the best way to take a sneak peek into the Bhutanese spirit of playing sports, which is full of fellowship and exhilaration.2. Food:

Though their food is simple, Bhutanese add a lot of chilies to their dishes. Do not miss out on Ema detshi and Kewa detshi, a cheese and chili preparation, red rice and red beer (made out of red rice) when in Bhutan. Oh, if you’re an oenophile, then do try the Ara wine of Bhutan, which is uniquely prepared with a touch of cumin in it.

3. Local sightseeing:

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For lazing around and taking a glimpse of the touristy – side of Bhutan, Thimpu, has a lot to offer. Changangkha Lakhang (the oldest temple in Bhutan) lies in central Thimpu, like a holy symphony, bustling with pilgrim activities. Although we suggest you to shop from the (lesser-visited but cheaper) Paro bazaar, Thimpu bazaar sells Buddhist paintings, traditional Bhutanese clothes – kira and gho, souvenirs, yak horns, solid perfumes, stone paintings etc.

4. The drive through Dochula Pass:

Journeying from Thimpu to the eastern side of Bhutan, you cross one of the most beautiful mountain passes, the Dochula Pass. Famous for its 108 memorial stupas, made in the memory of Bhutanese solidiers killed in the war in 2003 against Indian insurgents, is best experienced at repose. We suggest you stop by the café at this pass, and absorb the beauty of Bhutan – at its best!

5. Tiger’s nest monastery:

Do you think of that monastery on the edge of a mountain when you think of Bhutan? That is the Tiger’s nest monastery, inviting a hike of 4-6 hours before you enter this conglomerate of monasteries populated by red-robed monks and tourists. The long hike and complete exploration of the holiest place in Bhutan requires an entire day dedicated to it.

6. River rafting:

Rafting in the waters of the river Mu (the mother river) was more of a scenic experience than an adventurous one. After crossing the dangling Punakha bridge – an amalgamation of Mu and Chu rivers, we stopped by the Punakha Dzong (a beautiful fortress).

This hidden land of steep roads and deep valleys can be experienced best when visited at leisure. The rivers, the mountains, the culture and the people, do call in for a deeper immersion. Why not add some happiness to your Personal Happiness Index too by visiting Bhutan?

– Written by Ayushi Limbachiya

Ayushi Limbachiya is a freelance writer based in Mumbai, India. When she’s not scribbling ideas in her multiple diaries, binge-drinking tea and practicing yoga you’ll see her hopping around places and crafting content about her experiences. Currently she’s using her social media stockpile quite recklessly.

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