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Must visit Art Festivals in India.

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

If India is art, Indians are artists, and why not! The culture of art in India has defined the country’s heritage and diverse areas of culture. With 29 states and double the religion and Indian arts, India has slowly grown into world dominance with its art and art festivals.

The Flapper Life gives you a glimpse of the famous art festivals in India.

1. Kala Ghoda Art Festival in Mumbai

The Kala Ghoda art festival is a nine days long art festival held in the Kala Ghoda area of South Mumbai every year. Entry to all events of this multicultural fest is free to all.

Started in the year 1999, Kala Ghoda Art Festival has grown tremendously in popularity over the years. Today, it attracts visitors and artists not just from the city but from all over the country and the world.

At the Kala Ghoda Art Festival, one can showcase their art through stalls that are supported and self-promoted.

Every year it is held in the month of February.

2. Taj Mahotsav in Agra

The Taj Mahotsav is a 10-day long yearly art carnival and is one of the most popular art festivals in India.

Started in 1992, one can see a glimpse of the country’s rich and vibrant arts, crafts, cuisine, dance, and music. A true heritage festival.

The fest has more than 400 artisans from all over the country showcasing their talent. From stone and wood carvings of Tamil Nadu, bamboo artwork of the Northeastern states, Kantha embroidery clothing from West Bengal, pottery art of Khurja are available over a period of 10 days.

Every year is held in the month of February.

3. Surajkund Art Festival.

Also known as International Crafts Mela, it is held annually in Faridabad and is the largest crafts fair in the world.

First held in 1987 with the aim to promote traditional Indian art, cuisine, handlooms, and handicrafts, this mega affair now has millions of visitors from all across the globe.

Every year it is held in the month of February

4. India art fair in Delhi

The Indian art fair is held in New Delhi. Started in the year 2008, India Art Fair reflects the country’s art stature, as well as the cultural landscapes of neighboring countries including the South East Asia region.

The festival also has participation from the leading galleries and artists from Europe, the USA, and South America.

The beautiful arts and culture exhibit includes paintings, art installations, performance art, workshops, art walks, and various other parallel interactive programs.

Every year it is held between January and February.

5. Goa Carnival in Goa

If you think Goa is all about beaches and fish curry, think again. The Goa carnival will blow your mind with its rich art performance and heritage. This 3-day long carnival is the largest of its kind in Asia.

This fun parade is the Goa Carnival, the most famous festival in Goa which has been going on since the 18th century.

The events of the festival not only include dancing in bright and beautiful costumes, but also street plays, regional songs, and carriage processions; Over the years, the carnival has gained popularity.

This event is held two days after Easter.

Which art festival are you eagerly waiting for?

Image courtesy: Google Images.

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