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Offbeat places of Meghalaya: Go explore the unexplored this holiday.

Meghalaya, a beautiful state tucked in North East India is definitely one of the very few places which left us in awe. An abode of clouds, known for its pristine waterfalls, winding roads, the cleanest village in Asia, and the best of landscapes that you’d witness throughout your visit across the state. Meghalaya is a place where time freezes over crystal clear river waters and the heart skips a beat each time you witness a gorgeous waterfall gushing down mightily from sharp cliffs. A trip to Meghalaya will be one of your best experiences and worth your time. The state is full of hidden spots and offbeat locations and to explore them thoroughly would take almost a month.

Krem Liat Prah –Cherrapunjee – is a part of the other 150 groups of caves and holds a stunning network of mystical tunnels. As you crouch, walk and slither your way through these caves to one of the longest known caves. Apart from being utterly dark and silent, the insides of the cave (low ceilings, slippery slopes, pools of water) will demand you to juggle between walking, wading, and crawling, has spectacularly shaped stalagmites and stalactites. Certainly adding thrill if you have no experience in spelunking.

Phe Phe Falls - one of the most beautiful waterfalls and stands up to in unexplored Meghalaya. This is a two-tiered waterfall and looks absolutely breathtaking, where the edge of the first waterfall is the beginning of the 2nd waterfall. Located in the West Jaintia Hills District, the journey towards the fall is itself super adventurous as you traverse through the lushy vast landscape and onto a small hike to reach this waterfall. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in Meghalaya and can also camp at the Paradise Adventure Camp and spend the whole day enjoying nature.

Umngot River - Dawki – The crystal clear image, where the boat feels like it's floating in the air, this is that river! Located in dawki village, the cleanest village, you can also have a glimpse at Bangladesh’s border. The water of Umngot River is so clear and transparent that makes the boats are floating, look as if they are on a crystal glass surface. Not only that, but you can also see the beautiful rocks, pebbles, and even fish floating in the emerald green waters. Many fishermen’s pretty little boats dotting the river make it a splendid and fairytale-like view. Many activities like boating, cliff jumping, and zip-lining are also available here.

Laitlum canyon – Shillong - Perched in the East Khasi Hills of Shillong makes for an incredible trekking trail in the hills of Meghalaya. The scenic hill slopes paint a multitude of hues and the beautiful rocky trail is just trekkers paradise. The gurgling Laitlum stream and its quaint wooden bridge invite travelers to just stand and stare at the magical landscape surrounding them, floating among clouds. The views from the hilltop are ravishing and absolutely gratifying, the sunset and sunrise view from this breathtaking trail are astonishingly beautiful.

Mawlyngbna - a scenic village located in Mawsynram Tehsil located on a hilltop. Famous for endangered predaceous pitcher plant has an adventure park run by Mawlyngbna village community that offers swimming, zip-lining, fishing, kayaking, and boating for that adrenaline rush. The people are kind enough to showcase their culture and hold local dances, display their handicrafts, and also have a village museum. One can stay in cottages or tents inside the jungle and experience nature in its truest form.

If you are the kind of traveler that is disillusioned by the familiar but fascinated by the unknown, Meghalaya is the perfect place for you to explore the unexplored and get lost in the heavenly artwork of nature.

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