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Places that may not survive Climate Change.

Is Climate change here to stay or humans? Because the choice has come down to that! Climate change is a product of human greed and negligence. It is the gift we are getting for the love we showered on our environment.


The Flapper Life stands for sustainable and eco-friendly travel. It is our painful observation, that many countries in the world are standing at the crossroad of being devoid of their natural  beauty and offering. There are high chances that these places may not be a tourist destination in another decade’s time.


We present to you 4 places that are facing the brunt of ‘CLIMATE CHANGE.’

  1. Ladakh

  1. Brazil

  1. Antarctica

  1. Japan


There are many more places that are in the cesspool of danger. As a travel company, we request every individual to do their bit for a sustainable future.

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