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Scenic flower valleys in India.

Who doesn’t like to walk in a field surrounded by wavy flowers, dancing with the wind, happy grounded. The Indian sub-continent is known for its regal bio- diversity especially in the floral spectacle in India. Be it any season, flower blooming in India is diverse and rich.

Here are our top 6 picks from around India, the best and most beautiful flower valleys.

1. Valley of flowers – Uttarakhand

With 520 varieties of blooming flowers, against the background of snow clad and lush green mountains, you camera better do justice to what it’s about to capture. Colourful flowers, such as the Himalayan Marsh Orchid, Brahama Kamal, Jacquemont’s Cobra Lily, Elegant Slipper Orchid, Yellow Cobra Lily, poppies, marigold, rhododendron, primulas, daisies and more, are found here. Some of the flowers are said to have medicinal properties.

Best time to visit : June to September.

2. Tulip Gardens – Kashmir

A visit to this place, will make feel bright and delightful. Kashmir, already rich in beauty, the tulip gardens add to the majestic beauty of it. Often in movies, we have seen lead pairs walking through the gardens, making us to walk to same path. Largest tulip garden in Asia, one can find frolic tulips, hyacinths, narcissus, daffodils, muscaria and iris. Situated in the background of dal lake, the tulip valley adds to the appealing view of the Kashmir valley.

Best time to visit : March to may

3. Yumthang Valley – Sikkim

The flower valley in Yumthang brings the place to life. Sikkim, the gem of north east has its own speciality in flowers that will leave you in awe. A magnificent sea of flowers can be found here namely primulas, iris, poppies, cobra-lilies and several other species of flora. The valley also has the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary that is home to nearly 24 varieties of rhododendron, which burst into bloom in April and continue through May.

Best time to visit : March to June

4. Munnar Valley – Kerala

Munnar, one of the most favourite tourist places in the south is famous for its enigmatic flower valley. ‘Neelakurijini’ a flower that blooms once in 12 years is ravishing sight to watch. A colour pallet of Lavender, the flowers found in this region is like a soothing vale.

Best time to visit : August to October.

Photo Courtesy : Google images

5. Kaas Plateau- Maharashtra

A UNESCO heritage site, kaas plateau has its own spunk attached to this flower valley. With over 850 species of flowers, kass plateau is known for its famous flowers and hovering butterflies. One can find orchids, Indian Arrowroot, Dipcadi flower, tropical sundew and several other species of flowering plants.

Best time to visit : August end to September

6. Dzukou Valley – Nagaland.

When you enter Dzukou valley, you will feel like the flowers act like a blanket to naked field and ground. It is so beautiful; it will blow your mind away. Several seasonal flowers here, including rhododendrons, pink and white lilies and aconitums. One of the rare and famous flowers of the valley – the Dzükou Lily, is found only here in this valley of Nagaland.

Best time to visit : June to September

Photo Courtesy : Google images.

Flowers not only entice us with its fragrance and colours, but with its aura. So, Have you selected which flower valley you want to head to!

‘Dekho Magar Pyaar se’ – When you plan to visit these places, kindly keep your hands to yourself and appreciate nature. Do not pluck flowers and pain them.

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