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Self-Discovery: My first trekking experience, Kumara Parvatha trek, Coorg

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It is only in adventure that some people succeed, in knowing themselves, in finding

themselves – Andre Gide

This quote best describes my first trekking experience, a journey of finding myself.

I know many of you would have experienced much bigger adventures and trails but this one is for women like me who always want to try something, but did not get the opportunity before. This is how it all started. The journey of this so-called luxury and experiential travel blogger through rugged terrains, dense woods and adverse climate in a no-frills trekking adventure.

My neighbour who is a good friend and an avid trekker offered me to join her on a trekking experience. An adventure enthusiast and nature lover in me started craving for some fresh air and new experience. So, without knowing or thinking much, I agreed to join her.

A day after signing up, I realized that Kumara Parvatha is one of the toughest treks in Karnataka with around 27 kms of walking in 2 days. And the facilities provided were very basic. Should I give it a try or skip, was the Big dilemma? However, my inner voice said I should give it a shot, so I decided to give it a try.

First trekking experience, I would be boasting if I’d say I was not scared. We started early morning from Bangalore and reached Subramanyam village which was 200 kms away by noon. Post lunch, our guide handed over sleeping bag and tent which we were to carry till base camp (7 kms uphill).

Challenges on the way

We started weaving our way through tangled roots protruding from the soil forming some sort of staircase amid thick woods, sound of crickets and chirping of birds. The humidity, weight of the backpack and not being acclimatized to walking uphill made it even more challenging. Panting all the time, I could feel my lungs expanding desperately to get more oxygen.

Little moments of Fun

The night we camped near forest check post. We learned how to set up a camp, how to

forget about hygiene and feast on most basic meal offered.

The most challenging day

This was a long day. We had to climb 7 kms up to reach the peak and descend 14 kms down

to the town. At 3.45 am, we started walking through the trail. Making our way through wet

meadows and rocks in the dark, we kept marching ahead. Just before sunrise was a surreal moment. It was like finding yourself in a heavenly place with clouds floating over the infinite stretches of lush green meadows.

Last part – The hardest one

The last mile before reaching your final goal is the toughest one. This was no exception; It was misty and windy all through but the moment we reached Sheesh Parvatha (the first peak) it started raining heavily. Next stretch was through thick rain forest full of leeches.

Then there came big rocks with water gushing through them, we were to climb uphill through the stream as the final stretch. Rain and the moss made everything even more slippery and dangerous. In times like this you know what focus and concentration really means. We crawled our way through boulders of rocks.

Finally, the proud moment, somehow fighting our tiredness and braving the rain, we finally made it to the peak. A moment of relief and joy, when you suddenly start feeling weightless and relieved of making it to the top.

Coming back was not so easy too. Reaching through the top was challenging but I won’t say descending down was any easier. Of course, it seemed easy initially because euphoria of achieving something like this washed down all the tiredness. But ultimately descend is the one which is more damaging for your feet’s and knees for sure. The jerk on the knee every time you come down is really painful. Finally, before my feet gave up, we made it back to the town.

Valuable Learning:

1. Believe in yourself

2. Create and follow smaller goals (break your goals into smaller steps)

3. Adrenalin rush of achieving something can subside all the pain & tiredness

4. Enjoy little pleasures of Life

5. It’s all about mind set- determination and strong will power can make everything


6. Challenge your limits and compete with your self -

7. Never give up, in the end its all worth -

8. Get out of your comfort level

9. It’s not a race, set your own pace and enjoy the experience

10. Respect nature

11. Value your resources

So that was it, a tough but very enriching experience where I discovered not only the vast

treasure of nature but also myself.

Story by : Madhu Sharma.

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