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Spend a Day in Diu

~Parishka Gupta

When the Portuguese left India after a long waging war, they left a few silk bookmarks on the western coast of India. Diu is a small yet beautiful one. Although this place is always referred to along with its better half, Daman, these places are actually 650 kilometers apart!

Diu has a residual charm to it that manages to stand out in your mind when you go through your vacation memories. A single day is more than enough to have a sip of the Portuguese along with a dash of Gujarati in the Island of Calm.

Here’s how you can spend a day in Diu!

These caves are a photographer’s paradise. The virgin morning rays of the sun stream through the gaps in the light-colored stone roof. The cool wind plays around the rays, brushing your face like a feather before lightly whooshing away. The undecided ins and outs of the wall make your eyebrows raise just a little. It’s not established whether the caves are natural or man-made. Visit and you’ll understand why!

Marvel Portuguese architecture at the Diu Fort

Situated at a stone’s throw from the Naida caves, the Diu Fort, that has been standing tall and strong since 1535. With an endless thread of stories sown in to its walls, the Diu Fort is a battle survivor. This fort serves an excellent vantage point for a panoramic view of the cobalt waters of the Arabian Sea. It has 3 churches along with a lighthouse. Walk around the fort and watch the lazy sun shrouded in clouds from the top.

Have breakfast at O’ Coquiero

This restaurant is a spoon left behind by the Portuguese. This place for started by a young couple in 2006 when they had the great epiphany that coconuts smushed with seafood is their jam. With the last spice picked fresh from the locality, the Portuguese food here will be your perfect breakfast!

Beach out at the Ghoghla Beach

The liveliest and biggest beach in all of Diu, the Ghoghla beach has a little something in store for everyone. You can spend some quiet time with your toes deep in the azure sand; or you can let your adrenaline rush and bounce off the walls of your body as you go play ball with the sea in a series of water sports. Gourmands will have the time of their lives with the vast varieties of sea food. Psst! Do keep an eye out for dolphins near the shore!

Lunch at the Apana Foodland

After spending your morning hours with the coast, take a 10-minute drive to the Apana Foodland restaurant for a lavish lunch. Sit with the ocean as you have some lip-smacking Gujarati, Kathiyawadi, Punjabi and even Chinese food. Trust us when we say, you’ll be contented to your heart after the beach hours. They can get quite tiring indeed!

Visit the St. Paul’s Church

Have a little quiet, spiritual time in the majestic St. Paul’s Church. With its Baroque architecture and stained-glass art, the St. Paul’s Church is quite similar to the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa.

Have Diu’s famous homemade ice cream and soda at Ramvijay’s!

Shri Ramvijay’s Refreshments restaurant is one of the first names that hit when talking about

Diu. The soda ice-cream shop is currently being run by the third generation of the proud

family that had started it. Its homemade ice cream is well-known by all of Diu. Do not skip


Watch the sunset from the Nagoa Beach

When you’re done roaming in the quaint streets of Diu and the day has almost ended, take a short drive to the Sunset point at the Nagoa Beach. Watch the sun set upon the Island of Calm as you heave a sigh of appreciation for the amazing union territory.

After viewing the sun set, you can either drive back to your hotel or keep walking in the streets of Diu.

That’s how you can soak in all of Diu by touching these points. Diu is brimming with beautiful beaches and churches and amazing sea food. You’ll feel the weight lift off your shoulder for the time you spend in Diu. Even a single day here would be nothing less than

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