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The best thing you must do in every state of India

The land of agriculture, religion, culture, and history, despite being diversified at several things, we are united as one, India is the best example of unity in the world. Our country has maintained its standards in terms of culture, and that what attracts international tourists. It is a land of seekers, and some places in the country are more than a paradise on earth.

We know most of you have been to some of these places, but someday, you will travel to other states as well, either by accident or by a wish. Whatever could it be, who wouldn’t like to do what the state is best known for?

So before we brag the views of Switzerland and northern lights in Norway, take a look at what each state is delighted to offer.

  1. Andhra Pradesh Belum Caves

The longest cave in the Indian subcontinent, this cave is more than the rocks around. The vibrating passages and the naturally made up meditation hall clearly presents its creativity.

  1. Arunachal Pradesh Namdaphal National Park

The third largest national park in India, this place let you feel the aroma of the eastern Himalayan region.

Assam Tea plantations


For most us, tea is beyond love and it’s a treat to your taste buds but watching these lush green plantations is a retreat to your heart.

  1. Bihar Bodhgaya

       A place where none other than Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment beneath the sacred Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya is a must visit when in Bihar.

  1. Chhattisgarh Chitrakoot Falls

A firm competition to most of the biggest falls, Chitrakoot waterfalls are pure ear-soothing experience in Chhattisgarh.

  1. Goa Water Sports and snorkeling

Goa is all about beaches, blue water, and cloth-free lifestyle. But indulging yourself in an escapade of water sport is not to be missed for sure!

  1. Gujarat International Kite Festival, Ahmedabad

 You might have seen a sky full of stars, but have you ever seen a sky full of kites? Ahmedabad is a must visit in the month of January where the first festival of the year celebrated with enormous joy!

  1. Harayana Kurukshetra

This is the place is where Mahabharat took place and legend says, the rest is history!

  1. Himachal Pradesh Dalhousie, khajjar

Travellers love Dalhousie, the clouds over mountains will daze you completely at one place, Khajjar. The lush green forests, people, and architecture in Dalhousie are heavenly good.

  1. Jammu & Kashmir Ladakh

Cherished by all the solo travelers and nomads, Ladakh is the home for many wanderers. Do not miss the stargazing experience though.

  1. Jharkhand Tagore Hill, Ranchi

Named after Rabindranath Tagore, this hill in Ranchi is the best place to listen to yourself, your own voice. Get your shoes, pack a bag, and climb!

  1. Karnataka Virupaksha Temple

A UNESCO world heritage site, Virupaksha is the Shiva temple constructed in the town Hampi. Seems the most creative work of 7th century!

  1. Kerala Munnar

No, it is not any foreign location, this is Gods own country, Kerala. Munnar is the region in the western ghats of India and it is, without any doubt gods’ own country.

  1. Madhya Pradesh Bhedaghat

Once in a while, such isolation is needed for the flappers like us. The Bhedaghat is a shivering escapade to each one of us.

  1. Maharashtra Western Ghats

The Western Ghats are the front-face of Maharashtra, the beautiful nature and history of great warriors made the state more magnificent.

  1. Manipur Ima Keithel

This “Womaniya” market offers a number of clothes and accessories only for women, and the best part is all the shopkeepers are women and sell it cheap. A definite visit for all of us to support the initiative.

  1. Meghalaya Chherapunji

The adobe of clouds, Meghalaya has the whole package of paradises on earth. Being our most favorite state, Chherapunji has the living root bridges and dawki river which are bound to connect to you.

  1. Mizoram Durtalang Hills

Most of us want to feel on the top of the world, but we can promise you the feeling of the top of the town. This hill spot offers the breath-taking view of Aizawl city.

  1. Nagaland Naga heritage hills

This tribal culture has attracted many travelers across the globe. The people of Nagaland has preserved the culture. It is best to visit during Hornbill Festival.

  1. Odisha Konark Sun Temple

There are many places to sight the Sun but in front of Konark Sun Temple, no other place can do justice to the view. Visitors can see-through and worship the source of energy via its open door.

  1. Punjab Golden Temple

The name isn’t a lie. Indeed made out of gold, this temple is the core pilgrimage of Sikhism. Considered as one of the holiest temples, one shouldn’t miss this.

  1. Rajasthan Mehrangarh

The royal fort of royal people, Mehrangarh is a dedication to true Rajput culture. You can experience the whole city of Jodhpur from its roof.

  1. Sikkim Buddha Park

This park is the paradise for all the spiritual seekers, the clouds themselves bow down to Buddha.

  1. Tamilnadu Adiyogi Statue, Coimbatore

This 112feet statue of Adiyogi (The first yogi: Shiva) soothes our heart and makes our jaw drop at the same time. Shiva taught 112 ways to attain liberation and that thought is the inspiration behind this giant face of Adiyogi.

  1. Telangana Hussain Sagar Park

A heart-shaped lake built in the 16th century, Hussain Sagar offers more than just the sight and tourists selfie spots.

  1. Tripura Ujjayanta Palace

This white princely palace is a perfect example of what Royal-ness is! The Neoclassical architecture currently serves as the museum for tourists.

  1. Uttar Pradesh Varanasi

And here comes the most popular spiritual capital in the world, Varanasi. The region has its own vibe of spirituality near the sacred Ganga River.

  1. Uttarakhand Nanital

A place where the feminine divine exists, Nainital is like a friendly neighborhood in Uttarakhand. The bonfire in its wintry atmosphere is a must to feel!

  1. West Bengal Sundarban

And lastly, one of the natural wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO world heritage, Sundarban is mother nature’s own delightful creation which is a must visit place in your lifetime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                So this is how India’s 28 states shine like a star in its every way, after all, east or west India is the best! And we

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