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The bonfire ghost tales. Not for the faint hearted.

The wind grew thicker, my car lights flickering on its own, I could feel my heart race. There he was, standing headless, peaking through the long thick tree when………….

What you guys taking about? Says Rama. You scared us Rama, exclaimed Aarti.

Opps! My bad.

5 women, total strangers were on their solo trip to Shimla. It was bonfire night and the ladies were discussing ghost stories. Rama, Aarti, Maya, Sasha and Archana.

Start again, from the top said Rama. No one interrupts the stories okay.

It was aarti’s turn to say her home town ghost story.

Aarti : I come from Darjeeling. 30 kms away from Darjeeling is Kurseong. This place is famous for its ghosts. A haunted school, unnatural deaths and a headless boy wandering in the hilly roads of Kurseong. I am not a firm believer of these things, until the winter of last year. Ahh, I already have Goosebumps.

I was returning from Kurseong to Darjeeling after a photo shoot. It was around 2 at night. Listening to music, as I passed the dow hill road, I could feel someone looking at me. I slowed down, the wind grew thicker, my car lights flickering, the music going loud to soft, I could feel my heart race and there he was, standing headless, peaking through the long thick tree, the infamous headless boy of dow hill. My mouth turned dry. Despite being headless, I could feel him looking at me. Suddenly, the forest officers van came from the opposite direction making a loud noise. I turned my head for one second and he was gone. I have never driven at 100 kmph in my life, but for that day. Oh lord, crazy times.

There was complete silence. Eyes popping, one could actually hear fire burning into flames, when aarti said, Maya, you’re next.

Maya: I am from Delhi! I am actually scared of ghosts guys. Can we speak of something else.

Shasha : Hey, we get it, but isn’t that the point. I get the fear. I have seen it up tight and close.

Aarti : Really Shasha, tell us more.

Sasha: I am basically from Goa, but I live in Surat now for as my husband lives there. Growing up in goa, I have loved going to the beaches, being an avid swimmer, I have always enjoyed going to the beaches for a quick surf and swim. This happened about 2 years ago. It was 7 in the evening. Hardly people around. I just wanted to dip my legs in the water, when I heard someone crying from the waters. Curious, I went ahead, hip deep into the water, I could hear the cry near me. Suddenly I felt someone pulling me and laughing. I immediately swan to my best energy and got out. Since that day, I have never stepped in that beach again. I just cannot.

Silence. The group looking at each other, gulping down the excess saliva in their mouth. For a minute no one spoke.

Archana volunteered to speak.

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Archana : Okay, my turn. This is crazy. I had gone to Ooty to attend a wedding. I checked into a hotel. I came to my room and slept around 4 in the morning. I could hear heavy noises from the first floor. Someone re arranging furniture, pulling something and the typical horror movie noise when a door opens or shuts. I called the reception but their line was dead. I walked to the reception and found no one for 15 mins. A young boy working there came in from the staff quarters. When I told him about the noise, he said, it is not possible because there is no first floor in this hotel. I checked out that very morning. Just could not spend one night there.

The group shaking their head, clenching their fist and curling deeper into their woolen shawls.

Your turn Rama

Rama : Well, I have just heard stories. I have not really encountered any paranormal activities as such. But I won’t mind the thrill of it.

The bonfire goes out.

Aarti : Guys do not panic. I’ll light it again.

The bonfire is lite.

Rama: That was quite a thrill.

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