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Traveling with pets?

‘Mere Kutte ko Kutta bolega tu?’

That is exactly the attachment one has with their pets. They are family. Pets become the owner’s best friends or brothers and sisters. They even share the surname.

While you are planning a month-long vacation, more than anything, you worry about how will your pet survive without you or rather, how will you survive without them?

The Flapper Life is here to update you with the do’s and don’ts of traveling with pets.


  1. Buy a comfortable carrier for your pet.

  2. Talk to the flights head attendant or pilot to adjust the temperature in cargo.

  3. Get a vaccination and a health certificate along with an insurance for your pet.

  4. Book a non-stop flight and first class/ business for comfortable travel with your pet.


  1. Do not feed your pet right before the flight.

  2. Do not forget to check with the hotels about their pet policies.

  3. Do not forget your pet.

  4. Do not make your pet feel like a trouble. This would trigger their mood and cause hassles.

However, when in doubt, keep your pet at home!

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