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Types of people you meet on your travel!

We all know, India loves 3 things – Food, Cricket and Weddings. But the new age India loves Travel too. People are always travelling. Travelling on work, travelling to meet friends and family, travelling to get away from work, friends and family, you name it and we do it.


With different types of travelling namely solo travel, mindful travel, spinster party travel, hiking travel and so on, the types of people of people you meet on these trips also varies. We are sure, you must have had those moments where the stranger became your best friend or worse, your human migraine.

The Flapper Life believes – Variety is the spice of Life. Engaging and meeting new people not only helps you grow as a person but also understand on what you want. Here’s listing types you are ought to encounter if you’re traveling with the Indian Skeletons.

  1. Know- it-all.

  1. All day Selfie.

  1. Always sleepy!

  1. Internet, where are you?

  1. Did someone say Food?


Which of these types have you encountered? Tell us in comments.

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