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Types of people you meet on your travel!

We all know, India loves 3 things – Food, Cricket and Weddings. But the new age India loves Travel too. People are always travelling. Travelling on work, travelling to meet friends and family, travelling to get away from work, friends and family, you name it and we do it.


With different types of travelling namely solo travel, mindful travel, spinster party travel, hiking travel and so on, the types of people of people you meet on these trips also varies. We are sure, you must have had those moments where the stranger became your best friend or worse, your human migraine.

The Flapper Life believes – Variety is the spice of Life. Engaging and meeting new people not only helps you grow as a person but also understand on what you want. Here’s listing types you are ought to encounter if you’re traveling with the Indian Skeletons.

  1. Know- it-all.

The world knows that Indians are smart and Indians know that we are know it all smarts. Even before we have reached the place, we have already built up our knowledge and expectation setting way too fine. We know how old the pillar is, we know how good the whether is and we definitely know more than the tour guide. * Clap Clap* .

  1. All day Selfie.

The invasion of Selfie is a blessing or a curse is yet to be finalized. It is sad that we want to capture everything not from our eyes but through our screens. We take selfie for every occasion. Stuck in the traffic selfie, I am so hungry selfie, I am eating Puchka selfie, I am going to sleep selfie, look at the sunrise selfie and the list is never ending. Well, fun fact, Indians take most selfies in areas where it is prohibited to take one, breaking the rules selfie.

  1. Always sleepy!

Pandas are cute, aren’t they? But a human panda? Well, that is debatable. Some travellers travel to another place to sleep. However funny this may sound, but it is true. They sleep on their flight, while traveling from one place to another and still do not get enough if it. Well, the love for sleep is eternal. Amen.

  1. Internet, where are you?

The tech lovers, the social media fanatics, will stay an hour or two without food but not internet. They will hang on the mountain cliff if that’s where they get the internet. They are ready to jump hopes, get under the giant stone or worse, not get out of the hotel room until their post is uploaded, gosh! Save us from this dreadful anti-mindful travel place. Internet is dearer to them as compared to their peace of mind, surrounding and husband! Oops.

  1. Did someone say Food?

Well, the love for Food that Indians have is the second famous love story after Romeo and Juliet. It is no hidden fact that the life of an Indian traveler revolves around Food and some more food. The first thing they ask any travel company is ‘ Khana Acha Milega Na’. Trying out new cuisines is a great deal but making you entire trip about it, INTROSPECT. See the place too!

Which of these types have you encountered? Tell us in comments.

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