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Unconventional Experiences of Travel

Our travel goals are mainly a mish-mash of our childhood dream destinations, discovery channel attractions, curiosity to know cultures and customs, etc. Largely we aspire to travel like our favorite Instagram blogger but surprisingly we miss the essence of travel by planning it in a way too structured manner. Travel is supposed to set yourself free and not make yourself run around at the tick of the clock. Travel has the ability to shape you, help you grow, write new stories, wander new paths and learn new lessons. We all have our own stories and tips about how and when to explore our world. But before you start ranking up the picture-perfect destinations, here are a few less conventional travel ideas for you to ponder over …

1. Live, don’t visit

We usually understand travel to be visiting beautiful locations, clicking a picture, and coming back. It is less popular but a lot worth spending some time in the environment, breathing in the vibe of the destination, catch glimpses of locals, tasting authentic delicacies. It makes you feel rejuvenated and the sole purpose of relaxing and unwinding is fulfilled when you let the air around you seep into you.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is an incredible experience where you get to closely work with the culture and people. May it be doing good to people, animals, or the environment, the enriching experience to share the load of the land provides you immense inner peace and satisfaction. Walking to a local bakery, being welcomed by locals, and more than anything, making a change! Not just to their lives but to your life as well. Volunteering teaches you important lessons of life: not taking the small things for granted, opening your eyes to a world much bigger than you ever realized, and helping you to become a more understanding, tolerant, and responsible global citizen.

3. Take up small challenges

The idea of travel is to explore and discover a better you. Travel itself is a challenge pushing you to move out of your comfort zone and unwind in a different environment. It’s best to take up the time and make something beautiful out of it. It can be a physical challenge like trekking, hiking, or a spiritual goal to discover the ultimate peace within you. A creative flair of workshops can make it even more exciting. While on a trip, you have the freedom and accessibility to pursue whatever you dream of.

4. Travel Solo

It’s a daunting task for a lot of women but once you taste it, you are always going to embrace it. Exploring in your own time, free to choose your own adventures and cross off your own bucket list items, pushing your own comfort zone boundaries. Embarking on a solo travel journey does have some necessary and important considerations, particularly planning in regards to location and safety. But a trusted guide like The Flapper Life vouches on providing you a life-changing experience.

Image credits: @travelmafiaz


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