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What does travel anxiety look like in 2021

There was a time, we travelled to get rid of our anxiety and stress. Thanks to the pandemic, that in the year 2021, travel and anxiety are set to go hand in hand. Every time you sneeze, you think of all the places you went to, in the last one year or worse, every time, a fellow individual coughs, you tighten your mask softly. That’s going to be the new normal too.

Travelling is about being excited about going to new places, meeting new people and in present times, only those who have gone through anxiety can relate to this when we say – “ Travel Anxiety is the reality of 2021 and we must collectively combat it.

For over a year, we have been deprived of world travel. We have almost forgotten how it felt to interact with strangers you meet on travel, to enjoy without inhibitions and simply breath. Times have changed so much, that simply leaving the house for basic necessities presses the panic button. Imagine, being courageous enough and taking the trip.

It is a known fact for travellers that to travel means to explore, break loose, surrender yourself to nature and new situations. Now with travel anxiety in your corner, how you do proceed?

The Flapper Life has a few suggestions :

1. Identify what causes you anxiety. Know your triggers and set a defined coping mechanism

2. There is no need to be hard on yourself. If you feel vulnerable, you are allowed to. It has been a tough one year.

3. Instead of thinking of worst-case scenarios and triggering yourself, think of logical solutions to your what-ifs.

4. Keep a list of your past travel wins and how you got out of a stressful situation. This will elevate your confidence.

5. Always have someone on speed dial. Your close pal who will surely take your call.

Travel is known to unleash anxiety. Only if you allow it to.

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