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What happens when you travel with a stranger?

Who hasn’t heard the term ‘Stranger Danger’ before? Carrying the baggage of pre-conceived notions that one must travel with known company.  Well, Readers, This is soon going to be 2020 and not 1952. The new era should consist of taking the road less traveled more often and embracing  Stranger Things.

Moments with Strangers Post Image

Very often, when we take Flappers on the trips, the first couple of days are wrapped in silence and talking to the point and being on your own. It is after a few days, that slowing, pandora’s box will open and there will be loud giggles and high five and lots of chapping. Does time change the travelers to unwind or the fact that, ‘ Okay, I have to spend 5 days with her, so I might as well, talk!


Traveling with strangers is not all awkward and quiet. However daunting as it sounds, you must fly Solo, we insist. Not just to enjoy the thrill of travelling solo but also to calm your mind of its mental commentary, to feel okay, to let a person to two in, so what if you don’t know her! How will you if you don’t try. Travelling with strangers helps you reveal the actual side of you since you are starting off from the first cord. You may feel, like you have a personality disorder, since you will figure out a lot about you too, but chill, it is time being, You always learn from things you least expect to do!


Traveling with strangers, will help you come out of the closet and be more adaptive and accepting of different people. It will help you jump out of your comfort zone and live life as if no one is watching! It will help you understand yourself better. So technically, you are not losing anything, in fact, you are losing the fear of travelling alone.

We have heard the infamous tagline – A lot can happen over Coffee. And its true! The next trip you take, let a lot happen over Travel. Fall in love with yourself around unknown people.

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