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What India needs to learn from this particular sister state!


“Meghalaya is the abode of clouds, famous for its wide variety of orchids, medicinal plants, exotic fruits and vegetables.”

Meghalaya is fondly remembered for its beautiful waterfalls and the receiver of highest rainfall in India. One of the seven sisters, Meghalaya stands out on its own.


It is a state that does not wait for any knight in shining armor. It has lifted its own baton.

These top 3 interesting facts about Meghalaya will make you want to transform your state as well!

1.Literally, everyone says ‘NO TO PLASTIC’

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  1. Almost every person in this state does not touch plastic or its by-product. No littering in this place.

  2. Bio organic bags have replaced plastic bags. This way the use of plastic is getting eliminated and generation of organic bags are being preferred.

  3. This is another reason why Meghalaya has the most beautiful and pristine lakes.


  1. How many times do we ever find one clean public washroom while we are travelling? It is unfortunate that India is still lacking in this department.

  2. However, Meghalaya is leading the way for us here. Every public washroom you visit is spick and span. It is so clean that you will pinch yourself you believe it.

  3. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” is surely revered and followed here.

 3. The Women here rule the game!

  1. People of Meghalaya are beyond social customs and do not succumb to forced traditions.

  2. Meghalaya is the only state where women have been getting their dues in terms of their existence in their families and their lineage is traced through women.


So the next time you want to draw inspiration from any state, Meghalaya is the answer for you. Seeing is believing, so hop on a trip to this northeastern state to believe for yourself.

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