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World Tourism Day!


In the words of Ibn Battuta, “Traveling leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.” At Flapper life, we swear by this anecdote. Traveling should take your breath away, it should make you feel lost and yet discover yourself all at once.  On the eve of World Tourism Day, let us take you through the impactful evolution of travel and tourism. 

Travelling has multiple definitions. No two people will feel the same way about traveling. For some traveling means relaxing and soaking in the sun, while for some, it will mean bunny hopping every lane of the place.  The transition of Indians traveling has caught everyone by surprise. From family vacations to solo backpacking, it is quite a life we Indians are leading. From only wanting to visit mainstream countries and exclusive packages to now exploring the hidden gems, tourism has changed travelers mind in leaps and bounds and how! 


Increased love for traveling has made way for increased Tourism and opened an expansive avenue for various opportunities and escalation. Today, there are many states that are dependent solely on tourism. India is now, one of the leading travel destinations given our finesses in hospitality, cultural restoration, westernized approach, economic stability, and safe zones. India is also craving a niche for itself in solo traveling as well as women travel. 

However, truth be told, the magnitude of traveling that we have managed to build does have its share of before and after effects and how it affects us. The tourism industry has enriched as well as abused the power of nature and its beneficiaries. 

Here is our list of it!

  1. Earlier we used to visit the white, scintillating Taj! The Epitome of love. Well, it still is the Epitome of love, just changed in color and corrosion. 


2. Earlier, we used to capture the memories for us in our minds and heart and reminisce it every passing day. However, benison technology has taken that gift away. We now take pictures, add multiple filters, foreign captions and await the likes and comments. That’s it. The essence of traveling and storing memories has been replaced by offhand.


3. Sitting by Marine drive during the rains is one of the highlights of Mumbai. The cool blue waves hitting the tetrapod were a glimpse hard to miss. And today, we not only witness the cool breeze and waves but the plastics that are thrown out as a gift too!


4. From “ Athithi Devo Bhava to Athithi  Paisa do Bhava” we have compromised on our values. Tourism is, of course, a business but any business without emotions and consciousness is just a dead deal living on the basis of its legacy.


5. From going deep into seas and oceans to catch a glimpse of aquatic lives to now finding it across the shore, pleading for life is a heartbreaking sight. 


The stage of Tourism from Explore, Involve and Develop has degraded into Consolidate, Stagnate and Decline. Ignorance is not bliss. If we continue to keep this style of tourism a thing for short term gains, we will definitely score long term woes which will be hard to reverse, leaving our gen-next money wise rich and experience-wise poor. 

Let us make the right call before we lose everything, including the job opportunities, the picturesque views and a bag full of real memories. This World Tourism Day let us promise to uplift the quality of travel we hope to do and let us not leave any stone unturned to preserve what we have for the coming world to witness and brag!

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