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Take Baby Steps To Solo Travel With Our One-Day Experiences

We recently shared a blog post about how women feel after traveling solo. If you haven’t read it yet, please do. Because we are sure once you read it, you would want to go solo tripping pretty soon. But what if you are hesitant about it? As soon as you hear the word ‘solo travel’ which has become quite common these days, what comes to your mind that act as inhibitors?

Apart from the safety aspect, your first thought might be - what if I feel really really lonely? In a group of strangers, what if I don’t find someone to connect with? The second could be whether you’re actually comfortable staying away from your home, your family, and everything you’re familiar with. You might question, is that really possible?

The truth is, we can’t answer that for you. And neither can you if you haven’t done it before. As the lyrics of the popular song ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay go - But if you never try, you’ll never know. And TFL is here to fix that for you, be the lights that guide you towards taking your first step towards solo travel. :)


Contradictory to popular opinion, your first solo trip need not be a 10-day trip to a place you’ve never been before. It’s completely normal to start small with a small group. If you’re one of those who have been considering it for a while, you would definitely enjoy the rest of this blog post.

Along with week-long trips to exotic offbeat locations, we also invite people to be a part of our one-day experiences. Women choose them for myriad reasons - lack of time for a full-fledged vacation, the destination being nearer to their city, and so on. You could deem them as a trailer of what solo travel for a few days could look like.

On these day trips, within a few hours, you’ll get a glimpse of how you feel around a group of people you’ve never met. And the best part is, especially if you feel uncomfortable, you get to go back home the same day. That’s a luxury long trips don’t offer.

So before you leave for home, you can assess how you truly feel - do you feel like spending more time or are you desperate to go back home? If it’s the former, congratulations, you just found out that it won’t be so bad if you’re alone. And if it’s the latter, it gives you an opportunity to introspect. Was it because of the people, the location, or something else? We’re sure you’ll find your answers, know yourself better and experiences suited for you, and go back for another solo experience. Because that’s what solo trips do - they give you time to get an insight into your true self.

In the hope we’ve convinced you, we would now like to tell you that if you have decided to take the first step, we’re ready with a wide range of experiences for you every Saturday this month! Yes, you read that right. Every weekend is sorted. :)

  • We started the first Saturday with a trek to Kohoj fort. Don’t worry, we promise to come back with more such adventurous trips.

  • The upcoming Saturday, that is the 13th, we are looking forward to hosting a sumptuous breakfast at a very beautiful location. And on the 20th, we’ll be taking you to lunch there. The only hint we can give you right now is, it’s going to be near a lake. Picture yourself sitting on lush green grass, savoring mouth-watering food, and enjoying the picturesque view of a lake. Come, and see for yourself the experience exceeding your imagination. :)

  • It’s okay if you missed the Kohoj trek this month as we’re going to a more visually appealing location on the 20th. We’ll be going on a two-day trip to Kaas Plateau, the Flower Valley, in the Satara district. Treat your eyes to the sight of the prettiest flower blooms as you hike to this location in the morning. We’ll also cover waterfalls and windmills, and ensure you have a memorable time there.

Check out our website or send a DM on our Instagram account for more details about these trips. Stay tuned as we have these activities in different cities across the country. We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms to the beautiful universe solo travel creates!

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